2006 evaluation results

General Administration Issues

combined report for all faculty

Q1I support the proposed addition of skybox seating to the Michigan Stadium.951692691552851792.67
Q2There should be faculty input into designing the planned web-based system for evaluation of instructors.6853696075304.68
Q3The present faculty grievance procedures are effective. (Description)3624928764654333.27
Q4Faculty hiring should give strong preference to underrepresented minority applicants.195350267184136153.42
Q5Elected faculty representatives should be more involved in searches to fill administrative positions at the level of Dean or higher.3834331773731934.16
Q6Elected faculty representatives should have a stronger role in the setting of university budget priorities.3414241996737834.04
Q7The University Regents should formally consult the faculty when appointing or reappointing executive officers.4404631453819474.26
Q8The administration's efforts to limit tuition increases have been reasonable.81379266131632313.50
Response rate: 24%     Responded 1161     Eligible 4912     (3588 Senate, 1324 non-Senate)
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