2007 evaluation results

General Administration Issues

combined report for all faculty

Q1A policy should be put in place requiring that elected UM faculty representatives be consulted early in the planning of any major construction projects, including those for sports facilities.305228946135414.25
Q2My needs are addressed in the current design of the Blue Cross plans (including the Premier Plan) that replace M-Care.5125317695561343.43
Q3After the November 2006 vote on affirmative action, the faculty at my college or school were consulted prior to revising admissions procedures.3798711521272752.26
Q4The faculty at my college or school were consulted in designing the web-based student evaluations of instructors that will be implemented in Winter 2008.1533601651833041.77
Q5Elected faculty representatives should have oversight of academic course selections by student athletes in revenue-generating sports.14419915274591343.65
Q6Elected faculty representatives should constitute the majority on search committees for chairs, deans, and executive officers.2342311347049453.96
Q7In my experience, university administrators consistently follow established rules and policies.57261163113551133.46
Q8The ratio of administration resources to faculty resources at the U-M is reasonable.241401331851431382.42
Response rate: 17%     Responded 774     Eligible 4462     (3196 Senate, 1266 non-Senate)
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