2007 evaluation results

General Administration Issues, Dearborn

combined report for all faculty

Q1The University of Michigan - Dearborn campus should have student housing.54382091134.18
Q2Maintaining small class sizes should be a priority for the University. 883458004.73
Q3The University of Michigan - Dearborn adequately supports faculty research.838222828112.77
Q4The campus adequately and fairly rewards faculty scholarly achievement.638263016192.96
Q5My needs are addressed in the current design of the BCBS plan that replaces M-Care.7423473413.56
Q6In my experience, university administrators consistently follow established rules and policies.104532251673.22
Q7The ratio of administration resources to faculty resources at the University of Michigan - Dearborn is unreasonably high.433620124204.10
Response rate: 28%     Responded 135     Eligible 488     (276 Senate, 212 non-Senate)
*medians from 2005 and 2004 computed only from Ann Arbor campus University Senate faculty

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