2008 evaluation results

General Administration Issues

combined report for all faculty

Q1I support pending changes to faculty and staff benefits packages, including the plan to increase the employee share of co-premium costs by 50% on average (from 20% of total cost at present to 30% of total cost), which could lead to an additional average employee contribution of as much as $1000 yearly.   University record story (external link)42110114170326251.82
Q2I support an administration proposal to implement mandatory vesting and/or waiting periods before any university contributions to the University Retirement Savings Plan accrue to new employees.75178118163213392.48
Q3Faculty were adequately consulted about the proposed changes in Q1 and Q2.1546120203311871.68
Q4I support the continued growth in non-tenure-track faculty relative to tenure-track faculty.   Ann Arbor Campus Faculty Composition68160125183205442.40
Q5I support exploring the formation of a collective-bargaining unit for university faculty to resist the erosion of faculty benefits. 194228115102126223.67
Q6I approve the change from paper-based to web-based student evaluation of instructors that is being implemented for all courses this semester.18922511910991563.71
Q7In my unit, student responses on course evaluations are given significant weight in tenure, promotion, and merit decisions. 12930111072321423.86
Q8Narrative responses from students made as part of on-line course evaluations should be given significant weight in tenure, promotion, and merit decisions.6024919714478573.22
Q9I support the Rackham proposal to encourage continuity of graduate enrollment via increased re-enrollment fees after terms of absence.   Rackham proposal (external link)581781421331221512.93
Q10Faculty were adequately consulted in formulating the proposal from Rackham described in Q9.26561241571752412.10
Q11The Rackham School of Graduate Studies adds value to U-M graduate education that cannot be achieved within individual schools and colleges.10319515694761583.41
Q12I believe that faculty members of the Advisory Board on Intercollegiate Athletics should continue to be offered reimbursement for airfare, hotel accommodations, tickets, and meal per diem to attend Michigan Bowl games.   University Audits Memo (PDF file)3382119190302591.82
Q13Faculty should have more options for investing their University Retirement Savings Plan contributions than exist now.1282492589815423.51
Response rate: 17%     Responded 794     Eligible 4575     (3298 Senate, 1277 non-Senate)
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