2008 evaluation results

Chair, Piano, John Ellis

combined report for all faculty

Q1actively promotes an environment for scholarly excellence.2000005.00
Q2actively promotes an environment for teaching excellence.2000005.00
Q3effectively represents the interests of the department to senior administrators.2000005.00
Q4consults the faculty adequately before making important decisions.2000005.00
Q5makes excellent faculty administrative appointments.1000015.00
Q6fosters a fair and rigorous promotion and tenure process.2000005.00
Q7manages departmental administrative staff well, including maintaining appropriate staffing levels.1100004.50
Q8manages the department's resources well.2000005.00
Q9is attentive to long-term, strategic issues that affect the department.1100004.50
Q10ensures that departmental policies, procedures and available resources are transparent to all faculty.2000005.00
Q11inspires confidence in leadership overall.2000005.00
Response rate: 22%     Responded 2     Eligible 9     (7 Senate, 2 non-Senate)
*medians from 2005 and 2004 computed only from Ann Arbor campus University Senate faculty

Notes on reporting

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