2008 evaluation results

General Administration Issues, Dearborn

combined report for all faculty

Q1I support pending changes to faculty and staff benefits packages, including the plan to increase the employee share of co-premium costs by 50% on average (from 20% of total cost at present to 30% of total cost).056148341.15
Q2Faculty were adequately consulted about the proposed changes in Q1.184256861.28
Q3I support the on-line administration of student teaching evaluations.252520152533.25
Q4I support the expansion of on-line courses.283221151423.66
Q5The resources available to promote student retention are adequate.322193014222.50
Q6Experiential learning opportunities should be widely available to all students.3746163274.17
Q7The level of faculty engagement in events outside their unit is satisfactory.315272919192.45
Q8There is a satisfactory level of campus effort toward achieving the metropolitan vision.627282016152.95
Response rate: 23%     Responded 113     Eligible 498     (281 Senate, 217 non-Senate)
*medians from 2005 and 2004 computed only from Ann Arbor campus University Senate faculty

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