Michigan block M   Administration Evaluation

Chair, Aerospace Engineering, Daniel Inman

combined report for all faculty

Q1The availability of undergraduate course offerings in my program / department is excellent.3511004.10
Q2The availability of graduate course offerings in my program / department is excellent.2710004.07
Q3The technological resources in my classrooms meet my needs.2710004.07
Q4I am provided sufficient GSI support for my classes.0423103.00
Q5My teaching load is appropriate.2611004.00
Q6The courses I am asked to teach are appropriate for me.2602004.00
Q7Administrative and research buyouts in my department are handled well.0053022.70
Q8My chair actively promotes an environment for teaching excellence.1251013.20
Q9My department provides adequate space for my research.2611004.00
Q10My department provides adequate computing resources for my work.1710103.93
Q11My department provides other necessary material resources for my research.1702003.93
Q12My department makes it easy for me to recruit graduate students for my research.1612003.83
Q13My department provides excellent support for research grant submission and management.2620004.00
Q14My chair actively promotes an environment for scholarly excellence.2421013.88
Q15My chair consults the faculty adequately before making important decisions.1321123.50
Q16My chair is responsive when I have concerns.3402014.12
Q17My chair fosters a fair and rigorous promotion and tenure process.1330033.67
Q18My chair employs a fair and transparent faculty salary policy.1121143.00
Q19My chair facilitates my advancement and recognition.1421113.62
Q20My chair promotes the strategic interests of the department.1312123.50
Q21I am satisfied with the transparency of my department's administrative policies.1421203.50
Q22I am satisfied with the implementation of my department's administrative policies.1311313.00
Q23My chair makes excellent faculty administrative appointments.1230133.33
Q24I have confidence in my chair's leadership overall.1422013.62
Response rate: 33%     Responded 10     Eligible 30     (29 Senate, 1 non-Senate)

Notes on reporting

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